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Cindy's "Two" at 1 year 1 lb 9 oz

Gizmo and Jay Jay's Mini Mia 2 1/2 years old 1 lb.9 oz

Jazzmine and Mac's Nano Puppy 3 years old and 2 lbs 4 oz

 I am a "small - kennel breeder " of AKC Yorkie Only  pups. When the last of my 4 children went off to college, I got the "empty nest syndrome" and didn't want to become a "Cat Lady" so I went with Yorkies. We had aquired one for  my oldest daughter when she moved into her first college apartment in about 1990.  We then got 2 more for ourselves.  I have always liked the challange of breeding unusual pets or  trying to know what the offspring of a pair of animals will produce.  Yorkies are somewhat of a challange. Normal or Standard Size yorkies are 5 to 7 lbs. but their background has yorkies as big as 20 lbs... but everybody wants them 3 or 4  lbs, so I like many  breeders are "down sizing " our pups. It isn't as easy as it seems it should be, because yorkies are not like other  breeds - they all do not look like that long-haired beauty with the bow in their hair that you see in standard Yorkie pictures. In each litter a puppy may be an individual or look like mom or dad or uncle or great grandma. There are differences with their hair type, length and color, which makes every yorkie different which also makes them the best breed ever to breed or own. Thats why I raise only AKC Yorkies. (AKC Pedigreed Yorkies can trace their parentage back over 100 years like we can) I also do not want to be a "big" breeder of Yorkies so I don't always have puppies available. Check in from time to time to see when I have  some due.