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Puppies Available

Below are  pictures of the available dogs with their birth date and parents names on top of the picture.  Below the  picture is the date it was taken with their weight and other information about the dog. The upper caption is the puppy's number and price. View puppies' parents on Family Photo page. All dogs are current with their immunizations according to their age. Each dog comes with a "Baby Book"  with its AKC registration papers, immunization records, parents' pedigree certificates, baby pictures, care and feeding information and a doggy bag of food and goodies to take to their new home.  Puppies are Microchipped. 

I will deliver but will not ship ( $ 25.00 for up to 100 miles - $ 50.00 for 100 to 250 miles maybe more)  If you are interested in any pup, I can  post  more pictures and information about the pup on my site or text more pictures directly to you. Just call me.   I am also in need of future breeding stock. If you have toy female or teacup male pups 6 months to 1 year old and you would be interested in trading for one of my pups, give me a call.        



Toy Male # R1 
      Black & Gold           

Rosee/Joey Male born: 2-03-19
5-25-19 at 16 weeks old 7lbs 13oz - 4 puppy shots, Bordetella, Microchipped -Available

             Tiny Teacup Female #C1
           Gold & Tan ( Chocolate)

Candle/Woody Female #C1 born: 4-11-19
5-09-19 at 4 weeks old 14oz available about July 14

     Tiny Teacup Female #Ci
     Gold/Tan (Chocolate)
        Picture 2             

Candee/Woody Female #C1 born: 4-11-19
7-6-19 at 12 weeks old 2 lbs 6 oz Available about Juiy 14, 2019


              Tiny Teacup Female #C1  
              Gold & Tan (Chocolate)
                   Picture 3 

Candee/Woody Female born: 4-11-19
3 Puppy Shots, Bordetella, Microchipped Available 7-14-19



                          Teacup Male #E6
                           Black & Tan Parti color

Elsa/Snoopee male born:

                         Small Toy Female #E1
                              Gold & White Parti
Elsa/Snoopee Female #E1 born: 10-17-18
4 Puppy shots, Bordetella, wormed, Microchipped
                   Males #E4 & #E6
               Black & White Parti Color

Elsa/Snoopee Pups born:10-17-18

                           Female #E1  Males #E4 & #E6
                                 Gold/Black & White Parti Color

Elsa/Snoopee Pups born: 7-18-17


                 Small Toy Male #L1
                   Blue & Tan
Lemon/Randee Male #L1 born: 10-29-18
1-21-19 at 12wks old 3lbs 5oz SOLD
                     Teacup Female #L2
                        Blue & Tan
Lemon/Randee Female #L2 born: 10-29-18
2-21-19 at 16weeks 4days old 2lbs 14oz Available
                Toy   Female #L3                
                               Black & Gold
Lemon/Randee Female #L3 born:10-29-18
1-04-19 at 9wks 4days old 2lb 6oz SOLD
                 Female #L2 & Male #L1 

Lemon/Randee Pups
3 Puppy shots,Bordetella, wormed, Microchipped


I am asked what size a yorkie will be when it is grown. It is impossible to know what size it will be when it is less than 6 months old. Some puppies have a growth spurt at weaning while others grow slowly and stay quite small. You can only guess by past litters and heritage of both parents. AKC recognizes yorkie show standards as 5 to 7 lbs -which is the toy size since the yorkie is a "Toy" breed. AKC does not recognize a  "teacup" size. For the AKC any other size is either above or below standard Toy weight. (Yorkie background contains past breed sizes of up to 20 lbs.) Most breeders set "Teacup size" as any dog under 4 1/2 lbs. My guess is the size they will be at 1 year of age (yorkies tend to add some weight as they age just like humans do) I cannot guarantee what size a puppy will be, only guess.  I also price my pups according to what size I think they will be at 1 year of age, the smaller the more expensive, so the price of a teacup pup may go down as it gets older if it gets a growth spurt and I feel it is going to be bigger than my original guess.

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